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AG Design

AG Design is a building design firm serving the GTA, the Golden Horseshoe and Central Ontario. With successful projects mounting up in the Toronto area, they are quickly becoming the area’s most sought after design firm. Waterloo Web Works is overjoyed to be their web developer.

Medley Exteriors

A Brantford, ON. area construction company specialising in siding, flashing, and eavestrough. Medley Exteriors is a relatively new company but has experience with hundreds of construction projects finished with 5 star reviews every time. If you need a residential exterior finished these are the guys to call.

We believe that the integrity of our business is a direct result of who we do business with. Therefore, we our proud to feature our 5th portfolio website

It means everything to work with people you enjoy being around. That is why has earned our respect. Sometimes a simple website is all that is needed. We know this company will grow to the point they will have to turn people away. We are happy to have built this site.

The Pesada Painting Corporation is not only one of the largest companies that we have represented but also one of the most educated in their field. They are not just painters, they are scientists. Every aspect of their field from the molecular structure of paint and coatings to their durability under every circumstance of their application, Pesada knows what they are doing and have done it hundreds of times. As a result, we are glad to represent companies like Pesada because we know they are here to stay.

LCM is one of Waterloo’s largest property management companies. This unique website includes a team member zone with an online supply ordering system. Therefore, more than 80 employee’s have quick access to cleaning supplies. Also, the site features slideshows, custom quick links and a full content management system.

For many clients, the ability to make changes to their site is probably the most requested. That is why we specialize in WordPress CMS sites.

Watson’s Chelsea Bazaar is one of our new eCommerce websites. Watson’s Chelsea Bazaar is a 5th generation family run business which offers an eclectic range of items, from the unusual to the useful. The eCommerce part of the store was built during the COVID-19 outbreak to serve their clients better.

Sentinel Pest is one of our favorite all time websites. Why? it was cart blanch for creativity. We were able to use our favorite photographer and the clients were very good at communicating their idea of what there website should be. The relationship between developer and client is very important because only the client knows their business intimately. Without clear input the developer (us) will get it wrong. We believe that our success will only come with the success of our clients. Therefore, Sentinel Pest Control is case and point of that idea.

eCommerce is an important option to provide for our clients. Therefore JL Bradshaw’s of Stratford, Ontario belongs to our #3 spot in our portfolio. It is the biggest online store we have built so far.

The WooCommerce platform provides a complete content management back-end that is easy to mange online payments, shipping and product reviews. If you need an online store chances are it will not be larger than JL Bradshaw, 1895 Ltd. We were proud to build every line of code for this site.

Another example of a WordPress site is Blue Box Technology. They also have the ability to make changes to their website without needing a developer.

Last but not least we wanted you to see because of it’s custom logo and beautiful images by Jen Linfield Photography. When you take the time to get good original images the result is always better.