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Websites That Work!

Optimized Websites

We design responsive, unique, and optimized websites. Allowing users to easily find desired content via naturally position navigation, fitting images and clear copy. We use proven design principals mixed together with latest techniques and interactivity, designed to entertain and intrigue. Our fingers are on the pulse of exciting Internet developments and practices, passing the benefits on to all our clients, we never stop learning.

The best designs communicate your message accurately. Website text plays a significant role! What you say can either win the heart or well up tears of boredom and frustration. Say only what you need to, where and when it’s needed.

website mouse with hard hat holding traffic cone
Without Traffic What’s the Point?
All our websites sites are optimized for search engines.
Optimized for All Devices and Platforms
Optimized for All Devices and Platforms

Websites That Work!

We go beyond the basics of website optimization using tools provided by Google, such as, Webmaster Tools, Tag Manger, and Analytics. Google Analytics track your sites visitors by ip addresses so you can see how many people visit, from where and on what devices. As a result, you can see directly if your site was a good investment or if it needs some work.

We also optimize your site for screen size and resolution using server-side device detection and breakpoints. Every site we build looks great on all devices and platforms, even the irregular sized BlackBerry Passport.

Search Engines

Last but not least; we would be negligent not to include a note on SEO or Search Engine Optimization. We do everything within our power to build optimized websites for traffic. Read our explanation on SEO and how it works. Waterloo Web Works also writes posts, blogs, tweets and social media content on a client by client basis. Ask us what we can do for you to help with SEO.