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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Posted in Web Development

You have a new website, it looks great! It describes your business perfectly. Does that mean that your website is finished? The answer could be no, if the meta data isn’t complete. Meta data is the unseen code that tells a search engine how to crawl your site. If it isn’t there then the site will be partially indexed.

Meta data includes a page title, a page description and page keywords, although keywords are not used as much as in the past. As well, geography, image, paragraph and heading tags are all significant parts of back-end code (meta data). If your web developer misses these (the basics) when building your website, users may not be able to find your site through search engines like Google.

Waterloo Web Works builds websites with SEO in mind. All meta data is carefully researched and complete. Therefore giving your website the best chance to be a top result in relevant searches.

Beyond The Basics

Waterloo Web Works goes beyond the basics for Search Engine Optimization. Every page has a meta data theme or key phrase that the page title and description adheres to. The actual content of each page is related to it’s key phrase. Relevant and fresh information score big with modern search engine algorithms, which hasn’t always been the case. Therefore it’s important to keep up with changes in the way search engines index websites.

That being said, there are ways to ad fresh content without always asking a developer to do it. For example, many have CMS or Content Management Sites. A CMS website is one with a back-end or Administrative area where anyone can login and through a simple user interface make changes. Managing a newsletter or blog are common reasons to have a CMS site. These are both good ways to ad relevant fresh content to your site without a lot of expense. In addition, embedded social media is another great way to satisfy search engines hungry for fresh content. Ask Waterloo Web Works for a price for them to write regular blogs and social media posts for you.